Indian State & the Triangular Pressure


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Given the mixed response of the Hurriyat amalgam to the proposed dialogue process, it is doubtful whether the much-hyped quiet dialogue will take off. It is equally doubtful if the Mirwaiz group will succeed in pressurizing New Delhi to enter into a triangular dialogue among India, Pakistan and the people of Kashmir. But there is no doubt about New Delhi getting embroiled in a triangular diplomatic pressure, being exercised by the US, covertly, by Pakistan and China overtly, and that too for different considerations.

On the face of it, things may appear to be going on fine with these countries, especially America, but, deep within, the situation looks dismal. Attempts are afoot for pushing India into diplomatic dire straits. The US exhibits good and friendly relations, but through its back-channel diplomacy, it does not fail to put a question mark on the J&K State being an integral part of India.

The simmering hate of these countries towards India, as a state policy, which has, every now and then, surfaced virulently, can be traced to the times when India gained freedom from the British yoke, and the accession of the J&K State with the Indian Union took place. The Kashmir valley, enjoying the reputation of being the paradise on the earth, became the cynosure of the whole world, for its fascinating beauty and also strategic significance. Naturally all the big powers had their eye on it.

Pakistan, in order to expand its territory, and possess the bewitching jewelled crown of India, allegedly denied to it at the time of partition, left no scheme untried to grab the valley, by hook or crook. All its designs and temptations were thwarted, both militarily and diplomatically. The defeat in its repeated military actions to annex Kashmir, became the cause of its inveterate animosity towards India, which has not subsided with time. The stratagem of proxy war, thus far the latest tool, was used by taking recourse to the establishment of terror training camps on the land, under its control, to woo Kashmiri Muslim volunteers to join these camps. The anti India sentiment of the Muslims of Kashmir was exploited to the hilt by Pakistan’s military establishment to keep the Kashmir issue alive. And in the process, Pakistan became, in course of time, the epicenter of pan-Islamic fundamentalism and terrorism. The Islamic fundamentalists and terrorists, who caused havoc in Kashmir, including genocide and ethnic cleansing of the Hindus of Kashmir, spread and are still spreading their tentacles in the rest of the country. All this to force India to accept the terms of Kashmiri Muslim separatists for finding the ‘ultimate solution’ to the Kashmir issue, acceptable to Pakistan.

As for America, the surreptitious ways of ensuring its influence in Kashmir are well known. It has always tried to fish in the troubled waters of the Indo-Pak relations for its vested interests. Immediately after the Instrument of Kashmir’s accession with India was signed by the concerned parties, America began to have its sights set on an independent Kashmir wherein it could carve out a place for its military base to be used for military and other strategic operations against the neighbouring countries. Its wooing of Sheikh Abdullah (the then Prime Minister of Jammu and Kashmir) to declare Kashmir as an independent state, with himself as the Sultan of Kashmir, is a case in point. But this trick did not work. Thus started its attitude of acrimony towards India.

As of now, despite President Obama’s apparent cordial relations with India, and his declaration that the two countries would mutually work for world peace, the US is stoking the embers of hatred existing between Islamabad and New Delhi. While it is supplying to Pakistan heavy funds and large amounts of nuclear material for making bombs, on a continual basis, it is, at the same time, offering a hand of friendship to New Delhi for facilitating the improvement in the India-Pakistan ties. This hoodwinking gimmick of running with the hare and hunting with the hound reveals the real intentions of the world’s ‘avowed policeman’. Add to this the recent statement of Obama, made in Beijing, that the US would now like China to play a role in improving India-Pakistan relations. He is trying to entangle India into Afghanistan–Pak mess when he suggests that peace in Pakistan can be ensured by India settling its scores with the separatists of Kashmir. Furthermore, the US wants to be bailed out of its predicament caused by its own follies committed in arming Pakistan in its fight against the Jehadis operating from the latter’s soil, and in the same manner Pakistan equally wants to wriggle out of the turmoil in its land, which is of its own choosing. Both are of the belief that their severe domestic problems, caused by their faulted foreign policies, will be over through ‘resolution of the Kashmir tangle’.

To sum up, the unacceptable designs of America, Pakistan and China, to boot, against India in respect of the Kashmir issue will serve as a thorn in India’s flesh, and will be, at the same time, the major cause of concern for the entire South Asia region.

Nearer home, the present international hobnobbing against India, with focus on Kashmir, is a matter of grave concern for the nationalist forces in the country, especially the indigenous people of Kashmir -the Kashmiri Pandits. It is they who were exterminated by the Muslim fundamentalists and terrorists of Kashmir to facilitate Islamisation of Kashmir, and thus prepare the ground for the establishment of an independent Islamic state. In such a dangerous scenario, New Delhi’s diplomacy of a quiet dialogue raises suspicions about its buckling under pressure. Any thoughtless decision (which the nation has a right to know what it is) that dilutes the sovereignty of India over Kashmir will spell disaster unheard of in history and is thus unacceptable.
*The author is the Chairman, Political Affairs Committee of Panun Kashmir.
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