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Pandits observe Holocaust Day as Black Day in Jammu, New Delhi, Bangalore
Jammu (India) January 19, 2010
emanding prosecution of those who killed thousands of community members in valley, Kashmiri Pandits today presented a united face in Jammu where various Pandit organizations including All State Kashmiri Pandit Conference(ASKPC), Panun Kashmir(PK), Jammu Kashmir Vichar Manch(JKVM), Non-camp Coordination Committee (NCCC), All Party Migrant Coordination Committee (APMCC) etc jointly held massive demonstrations in Jammu, Udhampur, Nagrota, Purkhoo and other places besides the New Delhi and Banglore to protest apathetical attitude of both central and state governments towards the community ever since the advent of gun in Valley.

Massive protest rallies were held in Jammu today on the 20th 'Holocaust Day'to remember the day when community members were frightened by the wicked deeds of militants which ultimately led to the migration of community.

The activists of these organizations assembled in the morning at outside Raj Bhawan, Jammu and raised slogans against terrorism and apathetic attitude of the government against the displaced Kashmiri Pandit community.
Leaders from different organizations from Jammu, Leelakaran Sharma, Ramesh Sabharwal and Sunil Dimple also participated in the protest demonstration and addressed the protesters. The extended their full support to the Kashmiri Pandit cause and struggle.

Speaking on the occasion H.L Chatta, general secretary All State Kashmiri Pandit Conference (ASKPC) said that the Kashmiri Pandits cannot forget the January 19, 1990 when community members were frightened by the ill deeds of terrorists.

"We have a bounden duty to pass on the message of our history to the next generation. We shall keep on fighting for our rights and will not stop till we achieve our desired goal. Kashmir remains our sacred land for which our next generations need to enter a new phase of struggle in exile", he said.

Addressing the protesters, Ashwani Kumar Chrungoo, President, Panun Kashmir in his speech said that the Kashmiri Pandits, who are the indigenous people of Kashmir, have been the victims of genocide and ethnic cleansing in Kashmir, resulting in their forced exodus.
"Instead of reversing the majoritarianism that became more powerful after the rise of fundamentalism and terrorism in the Valley, and has been the cause of ruin of the Pandits, the government is asking them to return on the basis of 'plans' made by the former for their so-called rehabilitation in the Valley" he added.

Chrungoo further said that government has failed to recognize the genocide and ethnic cleansing as the causes of KPs ruin, but loses no time in projecting Pandit tragedy as if it has occurred as a consequence of a natural disaster.

Dr. R.L.Bhat, Sr. National Vice President, JKVM said that the Exodus of Kashmiri Pandits has disproved the secular credentials of Kashmir. The tall claims of secular accommodation and tolerance of Kashmir were brushed aside by the majority community itself in denying the minority Pandits any space within the valley.

When we were being forced out through killings, the killers were actively aided and shielded openly. Canards were spread to justify the actions of the killers. Today they are mute spectators while the leaders of Kashmir deny us a Dignified Return under one pretext or the other.

Bhat said that "Our Exile is a big question mark on the sincerity and intents of the Kashmiri majority community. Indian nation has given the Muslim majority J&K a special status, while the majority community denies the Pandits their due in Kashmir".

All prominent leaders of the frontal organisations participated in the programme. These leaders included D.N.Kissu, Chairman, Non-camp Coordination committee, R.K.Raina, Sr. Vice President-ASKPC, Ashok Kangan, President-JKVM, Virender Raina, National Spokesperson-Panun Kashmir, H.L.Bhat, General Secretary-JKVM, Vinod Pandit, Chairman-APMCC, Subhash Chatta, P.L.Saraf, and Rakesh Tikoo. H.L.Bhat conducted the proceedings of the programme.

Meanwhile Vision Kashmir under the leadership of Sunil Fotedar observed the Holocaust day and condemned the atrocities committed on the peace loving community.

He, in a meeting with other party members, said that the excesses committed against the minuscule minority would always be remembered.

Others who spoke on the occasion included Ashok Bhat, Sanjay Chowgami, Ashok Koul, Vikram Razdan, Sandeep Ji, Devinder Peer and Avtar Krishen.

In national capital "Holocaust Day" was observed as a "Black Day" today to draw the attention of political masters of the nation as well as to condemn the atrocities and nefarious designs of antinational elements.

Under the banner of "Delhi ASKPC" different KP organizations in various belts of Delhi,NCR as well as at some places in Banglore took out the processions to register their protest . The main functions were held at New Palam Vihar, Vipan Garden, Kakrolla, Palam Village, Najafgarh, Dwarka, Rohini and other areas, under the leadership of Kundan Kashmiri.

The patriotic KP supporters and workers of "Delhi ASKPC", wore Black Badge and Hedge Gears. Besides, they switched off the lights of their respective residences for an hour from five pm to six pm symbolizing this day as a Black Day.

Delhi ASKPC leaders and activists also educated their youngsters and others about dreadful event which culminated in our forced exodus and also educated various Indian Masses in Delhi and NCR about the ground reality of Kashmir and Nefarious designs of anti national elements and exposed the role played by their defenders and masters.

Kundan Kashmiri prominent KP leaders & General Secretary "Delhi ASKPC," while addressing the various gatherings in Delhi / NCR highlighted the present Scenario and hotchpotch created by incompetent polity unmindful of its repercussion on the Kashmiri Pandit populace, and said that the present political polity lacks wisdom exhibiting lackadaisical and pusillanimous policy towards Kashmiri Pandits.

He held separatist leaders of Kashmir Valley and their masters at across responsible for KP's exodus and atrocities. He further said the "Quite Dialogue" between separatists, Pakistan and centre as well as report of Justice Sager Ahmed is politically motivated and against the interest of nation which would be fought with tooth and nail.
Others who attended and addressing the gatherings were M.L. Raina, M.L. Bhat, J.L. Sheer, S.L. Tickoo, R.L. Raina, Shusheel Bhat, S.L. Zuthsi,BL Thusoo,Surrinder Bhat,AK Pandita,Sheela Handoo & others.

In Banglore also, Kashmiri pandits organized rallies to protest to observe the holocaust day. Hundreds of community members wore black badges on their arms to protest the apathetical attitude of centre and state governments towards the community.

Similarly the holocaust day was observed in various camps like Muthi, Nagrota, Purkhoo and Mishriwala in the outskirts of Jammu. Reports reaching here from Udharmapur said that the community members took out a procession in the city to remember those who lost their lives in Kashmir valley due to terrorism.
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