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Southern California Kashmiri Pandits Meet & Greet
Los Angels (USA) January 03, 2009

Monica Aima Salman
reports from Los Angels
o begin with let me congratulate our own Sh Paviter Handoo for being elected as the Director for Zone 10. Paviterji has been on the fore front of activities in Zone 10 for many years and we really appreciate his efforts and his work towards uniting the Kashmiri Pandits community in the Southern California area. From time to time we have seen him being vocal about various issues related to the community and rightly so we appreciate his honesty and loyalty towards the community. It is our pleasure that he gets an opportunity to serve his community as director and we have full faith in him and know for sure that he will lead the community to higher levels in the future. After being elected as the director of Zone 10 Paviterji took an initiative to meet and greet all the Kashmiri pandit families in southern California. He invited everybody for a luncheon at an Indian Restaurant in Santa Monica on 3rd January 2010. On the Onset of New Year and a new Decade Paviterji took an opportunity to foster better relationships with all the community members in and around Southern California.
His invitation for the lunch was open to all the community members in the area and there was an over whelming response to the invitation as more than 50 people gathered on this occasion which included elders, kids and youth all together. It was really a warm feeling to see so many people come and spend time together on a Sunday afternoon. After seeing some familiar and new faces coming together we believe the purpose of the occasion was fulfilled where in new families got introduced. After meeting and greeting everybody all the guests were treated to a sumptuous buffet lunch which included both non-veg and veg dishes and to top it all there was Gajar ka halwa as the desert for the sweetness of the occasion to remain for long time.

Paviterji did an amazing job as he won hearts of all the kids who were present there with gifts. It was a nice way to start a New Year and a decade with most of the people of community getting together. We really appreciate Paviterji's efforts for organizing this event and would like to see more of these events in future where in all community members can get an opportunity to meet and interact with each other.

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