The Anguish of Kashmiri Pandits


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Walking down the fossilized time,

Revisiting high pinnacles and green lakes

Of spirituality and learning,

Today the old native of Kashmir,

Kicked out of his natural habitat,

Wanders the far corners of the world -

To start a new life, a new community;

To heal his wounds, to follow the old light.

Cut off from its spiritual center,

The community wanders in silent grief,

To find a mooring,

To revive the luminosity that once brightened its universe,

To rekindle the fire that bound it together.

But unable to be reborn,

It gradually drifts into the unnamed universal melting pot,

Turning its hallowed past into history,

Its vision into yet unborn hopes.

*Maharaj Kaul was born in Kashmir, India. His school education took place in New Delhi and Srinagar. College education he undertook at Srinagar and professional colleges were Banaras Hindu University and Polytechnic Institute Of New York, in the field of electrical engineering.

He worked for forty years in engineering in this country. The last thirty of them with Wyeth (now Pfizer);
retiring in 2007.

He has taken keen interest in KOA, spending four years as its first Medical Fund Director. From his childhood he has been interested in the origins and philosophy of science, religion, and art. He has taken a special interest in studying the effects of the Age Of Technology on religion, culture, and personality of the mankind. This is a subject that recurs frequently in his articles and poems. Recently, he has started a series of poems called Vignettes Of Life In Old Kashmir. The eight poems published so far have been:
1. The Roots
2. Upon waking Up On My Birthday
3. A Rendezvous On Habbha Kadal
4. Nadir Munjays At Tarikh Halwoy’s Shop
5. Irrepressible Youth, Reminiscences Of Amar Sing College Years
6. The Agony Of Dal Lake
7. The Glory And The Exile
8. The Anguish Of Kashmiri Pandits

He has written five books:
(1) Meditation On Time (poetry); (2) Destruction And Injustice – The Travails Of Kashmiri Pandits;
(3) Life With Father; (4) Inclinations And Reality – The Search For The Absolute (in publication);
(5) The Light Through The Woods ( poetry – in publication)

He lives with his wife, Mohini, in Suffern, New York..