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"The Dynamos of progress (Eternal Life)"

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f I take a picture of you from my disposable camera, you know I took the picture. And I know I took the picture. But we can’t see this picture immediately. We have to wait for it to DEVELOP. And where do pictures develop? In a DARK room.

I’ve discovered my life is similar to that picture. God develops in me and grows in me, but often this growth comes when I face challenges or obstacles in my life. Often times, when it hurts the most, that’s when I am growing spiritually.

When I face a challenge, I like to remember this--- Don’t despise times of troubles; they will do more for you than you can possibly imagine. Only when we rise do we encounter opposition. And don’t be offended by times of trouble, because even if you don’t know what God’s doing, God knows what He’s doing.

It is easy to question ‘Why, God, why?’ or ‘When, God, When?’ A person wisely once said- when you go through a tough period, remember this: God wouldn’t have allowed it if Good wasn’t going to come out of it. And what we think is a problem today, could be our greatest blessing.

When God takes something good from us, it means He wants to give us something bigger and better. That is the time to keep faith in Him. God works in mysterious ways. If we are praying for our circumstance to change, if He doesn’t change our circumstance immediately, maybe He will change our heart. And if He doesn’t bless you with the miracle you are hoping for, He might use you as a miracle to someone else. God will prove to you how good and perfect His will is when He has His hands on the steering wheel of your life.

It’s funny, because just as a child often cries to his parent when he wants something, I think sometimes we hope our tears and misery will make God move faster in our life. If anything, I think our state of upset when troubles come only makes us stay in that place longer. Change does not come through negativity, manipulating things to make them happen, depression, crying, etc. If anything, it’ll put off our blessings that much longer because God cannot bless us if we are not ready to receive His blessings.

Religious scriptures say, “Therefore we do not give up; even though our outer person is being destroyed, our inner person is being renewed day by day. For our momentary affliction is producing for us an absolutely incomparable eternal weight of glory. So we do not focus on what is seen, but on what is unseen; for what is seen in temporary, but what is unseen is eternal.”

I believe a lot of times God has us go through hard times because it is in those hard times that we have a tendency to get really close to Him. When He is all you have, you tend to get closer. God wants to pour His blessings in our life, He only asks this: “When you come into those beautiful blessings…Please, Don’t Forget Me.”
Arti Nehru is an on-air news reporter for KPSP Local 2 (CBS) in the Coachella Valley and Palm Springs area. You can watch her during the evening newscasts.

Arti received her Master of Science in Journalism from Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism. She did her Bachelor of Arts from UC Berkeley where she completed a major in Mass Communications and minor in English. Arti dabbled with her first major print and broadcast reporting assignments while she was in graduate school. This included exploring life on Capitol Hill while reporting as a Washington D.C. Correspondent for 7 CBS affiliates in Montana.

From there, Arti joined WKAG Channel 3 covering news along the border of Tennessee and Kentucky where she did it all from anchoring and reporting to shooting and editing all of her stories. She got to cover many military stories at Ft. Campbell (and ride a World War II aircraft!). She also had opportunities to interview Miss USA 2007 and then-presidential candidate Fred Thompson. During her time there, Arti thoroughly enjoyed being a big sister for Big Brothers Big Sisters. As she was getting ready to leave, the mayor of Clarksville presented Arti with the “Key to the City” for her commitment to the community.

Before coming to Palm Springs, Arti reported for the ABC affiliate in Santa Barbara. At KEYT-TV, Arti covered anything and everything happening in Santa Barbara County, Ventura County and San Luis Obispo County. Her favorite moments were following high profile trials, reporting from the fire lines and getting to interview Angelina Jolie on the red carpet.

In her free time, Arti loves to read, travel, volunteer in her community and spend time with her family. Arti has been mentoring children for more than 8 years now. Currently, she has about 20 youngsters she looks forward to spending time with each week!
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