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he Jammu and Kashmir Government has already pushed its hidden agenda outside public glare, while the Central Government is embroiled in its worst crisis due to 2G Spectrum and other recently unraveled scams. It has already cleared its policy of so called Rehabilitation of such terrorists who had crossed the border to enter into POK and Pakistan in the past to get training in fire arms and techniques of terror. This would help these terrorists to reenter the state and other parts of the country and they could then easily establish and operate an Islamic fundamentalist terrorist machine to plague the country.

The policy of this purported rehabilitation stands cleared by the State cabinet after its vetting by the Home Ministry of India as was revealed in a Cabinet meeting at Srinagar in the third week of November 2010. The policy purports that the State Government will facilitate the return of terrorists who crossed over to POK and Pakistan through some identified points of entry on the LOC border. As per this policy the terrorists will have to reach these points of entry on their own and after that the State Government will take charge of these terrorists in the State. These points of entry are likely to be established on current trade routes of Uri in Kashmir and Poonch in Jammu divisions. Though it has been claimed that the State Government would not provide any monetary incentives to the terrorists, it is not made clear as to who will look after them till they are cleared of the charges they have been facing in police stations and courts of Valley for their heinous crimes against society and the state.

Though the J&K State Government has claimed that 3000 terrorists are lying in wait to cross back under the scheme, unofficial estimates place the figure at about 10000 which is more credible keeping in view the extent and the dimension of havoc created by them in the State during the past two decades. It is also a hard fact that some of these terrorists have grave and heinous crimes of murder, rape, loot, arson, sabotage and revolt on their heads which will not be possible for the State Government to absolve them of under the laws of the land. Does the Government intend to grant all these terrorists a general amnesty from all their crimes against civil society, state and civilization? This needs to be made public at this very stage. If yes the State is treading on a path to further anarchy and chaos where there will be no respect for the laws of the land, decency and the democratic way of life.

This move has been initiated by Omar Abdullah with a view to placate Kashmiri Muslims and generate goodwill for him, which he has lost due to his own acts of omission and commission. This indiscreet and dangerous move has been initiated on some false assumptions. Firstly, it has been naively assumed that after their return from POK and Pakistan, such terrorists who have been indoctrinated by fundamentalist Mullahs and ISI diehards will morph into law abiding and peace loving secular, democratic citizens. Otherwise, there is no agency presently available in the State to oversee, check and monitor their activities once they mix with the civil society. Can the State afford to go for such a security risk?

The second erroneous assumption of the State Government is that Pakistan will agree to such out-flux of terrorists from its territory, unless such an agreement has not been already obtained clandestinely. An out-flux of terrorists will invite bright glare of the international media which will expose the Pakistani sham of pleading innocence to the abetment and sponsorship charge for turmoil of the Valley. Moreover as Pakistan has already indoctrinated and trained these terrorists at a considerable time and material cost, to fester and plague the J&K State and India, it will not allow any loss of this perceived investment.

Assuming that the Government of India earlier missed the Trojan horse in this latest clever move of Omar Abdullah because of its own worries for existence, it is not still late for Home Ministry to comprehend the situation and act differently. It would be better to rehabilitate and restore a batch of 10000 willing and peaceful Kashmiri Hindus to their hearths and homes under a calibrated policy of respectful and dignified return with provisions to live and work freely and securely. Even the displaced persons of 1947 who were settled in parts of Jammu after partition of the country and are living without citizenship rights for more than five decades could be rehabilitated and settled instead. But both these proposals will not be palatable to the State Government for the reasons that in both these cases the rehabilitation proposed will be for Non-Muslims which is not in the agenda of Kashmiri politicians. Otherwise these moves would be in the right direction and will give positive signals that it is only observance of laws and peaceful behavior that ensures decent and dignified life and not breaking of them.

So it can only be expected for New Delhi to sit up and stall this dangerous move that is likely to create more problems of security than it claims to solve. And for Omar it is time to forget such immature gimmicks and devote his own and his team’s energies to at least reduce the deficit in his governance. He is suffering his present nemesis like situation only due to bad governance. Let him try to improve his performance and create a public responsive and transparent administration for the State. Let him create and keep in place an administration that is not only public accountable but also people sensitive so that the accumulated miseries and pains of the people are addressed without favor or fear. That is the least that people of the J&K State deserve and demand from Omar Abdullah at this stage. That will be the real policy of rehabilitation of Muslims of the State. Terrorists waiting in POK and Pakistan can wait till they wear out completely.

*P.N.Ganjoo was born in a modest Kashmiri family about 7 decades ago, lost his father early and was raised by his honest, hardworking mother. With her efforts he received his education in Srinagar and went on to serve in various Government Departments before retiring as a senior grade KAS officer.

Presently he is working on his varied interests besides being a consulting Director of a software services company.

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