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"The Dynamos of progress (Eternal Life)"

ave you ever noticed how God moves suddenly and unexpectedly in your life? You may go through a season of hurting and waiting and questioning and then POOF! Suddenly, in single moment, God has everything fixed, everything turns around. And to be honest, that’s how you just KNOW it is God – by how effortlessly and perfectly it happens. Beyond your imagination!
The funny thing is that, often times, right before our breakthrough comes, we interpret the silent periods as times when God may not be working in our life. We worry because we don’t see our situation change instantly. And then when our miracle finally comes, we say – “look! God is working in my life.” The truth is – He was working the whole time. The moments of silence are when He’s working most. When you see the finished product is not when God “starts” working, it is when He has “completed” a work in your life.

When you go through a challenging time, it is natural to want it to end quickly. But don’t take silence or the moments when things don’t change as a sign that nothing is happening. It is important to keep faith that God is working. And that He is capable of turning your biggest trouble into your greatest blessing in the future. Don’t be afraid if you have stayed in a season of confusion and challenges for a long time. Who knows? Maybe your miracle-to-come is going to be that much bigger! And you’ll look back and say “Wow! If I had known this is what God had in store for me, I would not have complained.”

Trusting God almost requires a child-like faith. You have to believe BEFORE you receive. I remember once hearing a story where a woman believed God for a new car. So she began moving her stuff around in her garage to make room for it when it came – that’s faith in action! A few years ago, I felt like God planted a dream in my heart to go to Journalism School in Chicago. Although I lived in sunny California at the time, I began buying winter coats and preparing myself for the harsh winters of Chicago- before I received an acceptance letter from the school which only accepted 9 students in the country. Some people thought I was crazy. But I thought, if I am believing for something as a sign from God, then I need to ACT as if I believe it. (those coats came in handy when I ended up making the move months later)

The only thing that might limit God is a lack of faith. God can do in a single moment, with ease, what we can struggle with our entire life and still not accomplish. Trust him. Even in the moments of challenging times, connect with God and know that this is not where you are always going to be. Wait with an expectant attitude and remember that He’s working. And if God wills what you’re seeking, then it is already done.
Arti Nehru is a California native. She has a Master of Science in Journalism from Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism. She received her Bachelor of Arts from UC Berkeley where she completed a major in Mass Communications and minor in English.

Arti dabbled with her first major print and broadcast reporting assignments while she was in graduate school in Chicago. This included exploring life on Capitol Hill while being a Washington D.C. Correspondent for 7 CBS affiliates in Montana. Arti has also reported for KEYT-TV (ABC) in Santa Barbara where she was an On-Air general assignment reporter covering multiple stories on a daily basis for the evening newscasts.

In her free time, Arti loves to travel, volunteer, write in her journal, and spend time with her family. Her favorite hobbies are reading and mentoring children.
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