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"The Braves Arise"

What should I write about,
A very old folktale about a drought?
Or a fairy-tale about dragons and witches
Who have terrible luck and fall into ditches

Or maybe some kids who love to have fun
And go outside to play tag in the sun.
I can write something about an orphan who is poor
But finds a lot of money behind a secret door.

I want something exciting and full of joy,
That is enjoyable for any girl or boy.
It could be about a separated sister and brother,
One lived with the father and one with the mother

The girl a country girl and the boy a city boy,
Who eventually met in Illinois
So full of joy that they did not know what to say,
They were so excited only to be drawn away

Finally they meet once more,
But such stories could be a bore
I want something different, I want something new
Like Pandas doing Kung Fu

But that is the best story I have, I admit
Wait a second; A new one, I’ve got it

*Shyan Koul is a 9 years old, 4th Grade student from Andover, Massachusetts, U.S.A. His interests are story reading, music and travel.

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