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I am a regular reader of Shehjar’s web issues and always look forward to read the various topics covered in each issue.

I must compliment you and your team for taking all the efforts and putting up such a wonderful world of information on the website of Shehjar. You have got some seriously good storytellers, some immaculate political analysts, some passionate culturists and not to forget, very promising upcoming writers. It’s a wonderful platform for everybody and reading almost every topic is a pleasure to read. Thanks for this!

I have a suggestion for you since it will probably please all the culturists and non-culturists too. A section on teaching spoken Kashmiri would be a great initiative for Shehjar. I could see a lot of KP kids are losing track of Koshur, which is spoken by their parents, grandparents etc. It’s a unique language and should not face the fate of Sanskrit (However Sanskrit stands better though not spoken discretely, it is a part of curriculum of many higher secondary schools in India). Koshur can be kept alive only in spoken format and you must encourage people to communicate more and more at least at homes and community gatherings in Koshur.

I also fell intrigued to learn Koshur and taking serious efforts to learn by reading the book published by Mr. Omkar N. Kaul. Since my better half is Kashmiri, it has become my endeavour (by discretion and not by coercion) to learn and speak in fluent Kashmiri. My in-laws and relatives love to speak with me and I want to make that communication better by learning the language. Trust I will go places (preferably Kashmir J) with my determination.

Since Shehjar is followed by KPs (in India and Overseas) and non-Kashmiris, an initiative for Koshur will have deep positive impact and will be shared a broader community which will ensure Koshur’s perpetual existence.

As I mentioned, you people are doing a wonderful work with Shehjar. Please keep the gusto going and keep the readers’ gusto alive.

Best Regards,
Amit Hiremath,

Vice President - Research, ENAM Asset Management Company, Mumbai (India)
Thank you for your nice coverage on KPUF cultural event. Hope you continue to cover our future community welfare events also.
My regards to Deepak Ganju Ji and Sehjar teem for connecting and binding the community through this wonderful effort.
Sanjay Wali, President, KPUF, Delhi (India)
Thank you Shehjar Editors. I truly hope that many of your readers will enjoy my Spiritual and Inspirational poems and writings. Would love to hear from your many readers. With Blessings and Light..
Ray R. Ellis, Winnipeg, (Canada)
You will be glad to learn of my latest book that has come from the publisher. I am attaching a picture of the cover title along with an excerpt for your forthcoming issue as an announcement. The book will be released in jammu next week.

K L Chowdhury, Jammu (India)

Wherever you inquire
Kashmiri Pandits are spoken of
in past tense here -
they were,
they have been,
they had been.
Who were they, anyway
they might ask, one day?

Shangloo Report Questioned!
Shangloo Committee is questioning the procedure followed by the various government agencies in taking decision as well as in award of work. Shangloo Committee has spent around Rs.5 to 6 crores of government money in hiring private persons for carrying out the inquiry in the game related works. Will Shangloo Committee tell the public what procedure they have followed in hiring of private persons?

Shangloo Committee is also complaining the time over run in various projects which is hardly 4 to 5 months in many projects. Shangloo Committee was given the time upto January, 2011 and to file their report. March is coming to end now but they have not been able to file all their reports to the government. This means they have already exceeding the time by more than 100%. Do they have moral rights to question others on the points when they themselves are not following the same?

Prof. Bhim Singh,
Chairman-NPP, New Delhi
Dear KP friends,

Kashmiri Pandits must help reconvert traumatized, Jihad-weary Kashmiri Muslims back to their ancestral Hindu heritage.

If you are interested in thinking and acting along these lines, do let me know. Let us make history !!!

Contemporary reconversion of Muslims to Hindu Dharma has been successfully accomplished in other Indian states.

There is historical precedent and scriptural sanction in our Hindu scriptures to accomplish reconversions. Prominent examples include the Vedic scriptures (Tandya Brahmana) and the Vratyastoma ceremony, the Devala Smriti , the Shuddikaran movement and the history of the past 2300 years.

Divine Justice:
Kashmiri-speaking Muslims are paying the price for rejecting their ancestral Hindu Dharma and ignoring their own violent Islamic conversions of their Hindu ancestors.

These converts will continue to suffer until they return to their ancestral Hindu Dharma.

Any particle will be in an agitated state until it returns to its undisturbed, natural state of harmony (which is the core of every being). The ultraviolence seen in Kashmir, Indonesia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Malaysia and other converted lands today is a result of the agitation produced in people’s minds due to conversion to a foreign way-of-life.

When all its peoples return to their true intrinsic state of Dharma, they will find their peace that is at the core of their hearts. Until that happems, the violence will continue… just like a ship battered by a storm that is brought about by foreign winds churning up the water into gigantic waves.

When the foreign winds subside and go away, then the storm ceases and the water becomes still and attains a calm state of being (that is its harmonic state).

Kashmiri Pandits must make every effort possible to bring back these traumatized Muslim converts back to the glorious Hindu heritage of their ancestors.

Efforts at reconversion (Shuddhikaran) is the only way the Kashmir valley will again see the re-blossoming of Kashmiri Hindu civilization.

Otherwise, Kashmiri Pandits can get used to living in exile for eternity. That's the bitter truth.

P.S: In the past two decades, a handful of Kerala-origin missionaries have fearlessly converted 10,000 to 15,000 Kashmiri-speaking Muslims (who are sick of Islamic violence) to Christianity in the Kashmir valley.

So, why are the intelligent, resourceful Kashmiri Pandits (who number half-a-million and have the added advantage of being Kashmiri) not even making any effort to try and convert the Kashmiri-speaking Muslims back to their Hindu ancestral roots?

Is this due to fear, sloth, smugness or the lack of initiative?

Or is there a KP feeling that Kashmiri-speaking Muslims are inferior or incapable of being a Hindu?

Swami Vivekananda rightly said: "Expansion means Life. Contraction means Death." If the Kashmiri Hindu community does not expand in numbers (by reconversion), then it will die out and become extinct.

Kashmiri Pandits don't really have a choice here, do they?

Ravi Sabre, Delhi (India)

It will be a treasure to have each monthly shehjar issue as pdf (low size) circulation copy..
Vinod Pandita
Excellent work, keep it up!
Maharaj Kakroo, New Delhi (India)
Shehjar is a commendable publication. My thanks and gratitude go to all those who make it happen. I know it takes effort and time to do anything. Organizing something like this confirms quality and passion.
Ajay Koul
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