Shri Sharika Stuti


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Shri Sharika Stuti
Pandit Krishan Joo Kar

Put to music and sung by Shri M K Mongha

Explanation & Paintings by Chaman Lal Raina
The Stuti runs as;
श्री शारिकायै नमः
Shri Sharikayai Namah

वन्दे शिलातन ईश्वरी श्री शारिका देवी नमः
मेहरे चराचर ईश्वरी श्री शारिका देवी नमः1
( Vande Shilatan Ishvari Shri Sharika Devi Namah
Mehre Charachar Ishvari Shri Sharika Devi Namah).

Our obeisance to Shri Sharika Devi, who has manifested in the form of a sacred rock--known as Chakreshwara at Hari Parbat. She is the Supreme Sovereign Mother of this world and the world, which is transcendental.She is the luster of the Solar galaxies. 1

नूरे जहां सुन्दरी ताबिन्दह मेहरे अनवरी
माहे अफरोज़ अख्तरी श्री शारिका देवी नमः2
(Noor-e- Jehan Sundari Tabinda Mehr-e Anwari
Mahe Afroz Akhtari, Shri Sharika Devi Namah).

She is the brilliance of this universe.She is the radiance of the universal flux. She is the lunar luminosity, where in the stars and the planets shine, to reveal her wonderful excellence. We make our prostrations before Shri sharika Devi.2

सिह्मे गज़न्फर वाहन अस्त शिव शक्ती ज़ेरे आहन अस्त
लालो- जवाहर दामन अस्त श्री शारिका देवी नमः3
(Sihme Gazanfar Vahan Ast, Shiv Shakti Zere Ahan Ast
Lalo Jawahar Daman Ast, Shri Sharika Devi Namah).

Her coach is the lion, Shiva and Shakti are complementary to each other for undoing the web,which it has spun. she is adored with all the diamonds and jewels. We make our prostrations before Shri Sharika Devi.3

बर हर सेह कारन भरतरी हर दु आलम सरवरी
बर फ़र्खे अन्दर अफसरी श्री शारिका देवी नमः4
(Bar Har Seh Karan Bartari, Dar Har du Alam Sarwari
Bar Farkhe Andar Afsari, Shri Sharika Devi Namah)

She is beyond the three causal principles of Divinity. She is the Divine Mother of the immanent and the transcendental world. She is having the free will of administring the universal flow of creation, sustenance and absorption. We make our prostrations before Shri sharika Devi.4

गरदे राहत कोहले बसर खाके धिरत नूरे क़मर
सन्गे समीरत खिश्त् -ए- ज़र श्री शारिका देवी नमः5
(Garde Rahat Kohle Basar, Khake Dhirat Noore Qamar
Sange Samirat Khisht Zar, Shri Sharika Devi Namah)

In her Divine play,she gives the eternal peace, as if being on the banks of a river. The earthly planet is wonderfully filled with the brilliance of the moon. Her abode is the Sumeru , which is Chakreshwara. Verily,that is the golden treasure of Divinty with glimmering realms 5

तू चार-दह रतने गरान् तू नव निदाने जावेदान
तू खाने गौहर शुद्ध आयान श्री शारिका देवी नमः6
(Tuu Char Dah Ratne Garan, Tuu Nav Nidane Javedan
Tuu Khane Gauhar Shudh Ayan, Shri Sharika Devi Namah).

You are the treasure house of the fourteen celestial treasures, being the special measure and power. You are ever present in the nine present looks of the Divine Mother. You are the golden cave of purity.fragrant with clarity.My obeisance to you, O Mother Sharika! 6

हर पन्ज कारण बयख्त तू फर्मान रवाने शक्त तू
सरकरदह ज़ेरे तख्त तू श्री शारिका देवी नमः7
You are integrated with the five cosmic elements-earth, water ,fire , air and space. You are Supreme in exercising the Divine authority for harmony and the mystery behind the nature.

Your Divine Throne is the celestial quitneessetial of absolute stability.My obeisance to you, O Mother Sharika! 7

देवी ज़गत माता तुहि शिव शक्ती गुरु त्राता तुहि
माता पिता भ्राता तुहि श्री शारिका देवी नमः 8
(Devi Zagat Mata Tuhi, Shiv Shakti Guru Trata Tuhi
Mata Pita Bhrata Tuhi, Shri Sharika Devi Namah).

O Mother, You are the Supreme Mother of the Universe. You are the integral One in the form of being in Ardhanarishwara as Shiva and Shakti. You are preceptor and the Savior.You are mother,father , brother and each kith and kin. My obeisance to Shri Sharika.8

ज़ाऽहिर तुहि बाऽइतिन तुहि हाऽज़िर तुहि नाऽज़िर् तुहि
अवल तुहि आखिर तुहि श्री शारिका देवी नमः 9
(Za'ihir Tuhi Ba'itin Tuhi, Hazir Tuhi Nazir Tuhi
Awal Tuhi Akhir Tuhi, Shri Sharika Devi Namah)

You are apparant everywhere, You are hidden as well. You are present every where. You are the coordinator of this universal flux. You are the Primal cause. You are the ultimate Shakti every where. My obeisance be to you ,O Mother Sharika!9

जगे रा सर्व सामान् तुहि शाहे शहन शहान तुहि
जिस्मे जहान आरज़ान तुहि श्री शारिका देवी नमः10
(Jage Ra Sarva Saman Tuhi, Shahe Shan Shahan Tuhi
Jisme Jehan Ara zzan Tuhi, Shri Sharika Devi Namah).

You are the essentials of the universe.You are the Supreme Sovereign Mother,being all knowledge and glory. You are architect of the universal plan,with Divine thoughts of sovereignity. You are the most beautiful expression of Divinity. My obeisance be to you ,O Mother Sharika!10

लक्ष्मी जहां आरा तुहि माया दिशाने अफ़्ज़ा तुहि
बुद्धी महा विद्या तुहि श्री शारिका देवी नमः11
( Lakshmi Jahan Ara Tuhi, Maya Dishane Afza Tuhi
Buddhi Maha Vidya Tuhi, Shri Sharika Devi Namah).

You are the Lakshmi par- excellence. You are the wonderful play and the breeze of this world within various directions. you are higher intellect. You are the sacred knowledge of the Vedas.My obeisance be to you ,O Mother Sharika!11

चक्रेश्व्रत हाजत् रवा साज़ - ओ- गदा रा पादशाह
वाह वाह च लक्ष्मी थापना श्री शारिका देवी नमः12
(Chakreshvrat Hajat Rawa Saz- O- Gada Ra PadshahWah Wah Cha Lakshmi Thapna, Shri Sharika Devi Namah).

You are present in the Chareshwara,which provides all what is needed to sustain for.The kings and the beggars , one and all are seen at the great throne of Chakreshwara, revered as the Lakshmi Thaapna, which is wonderful in all expressins of the Chakras---sacred geometry.My obeisance be to you ,O Mother Sharika!12

मन अज़ तु नाऽडि चक्र मन ध्यान अज़तु ज़प मालायि मन
प्राण अज़ तु प्राणायाम मन श्री शारिका देवी नमः13
(Man AzTu Nadi Chakra Man, Dhyan AzTu Zapmalay Man
Pran Az Tu Pranayam Man, Shri Sharika Devi Namah).

My mind needs to be absorbed in the Chakras of the Chakreshwara. My mind should be focussed on the Shri Vidya Mantra of Shri Sharika ,while repeating her Mantra on the Japa Mala--a garland of the Rudrakshmala.During Pranayama, my vital energy must be in tune with Devi's breath. My obeisance be to you ,O Mother Sharika!13

मन आरिज़ूयम बे नवा उफ्तदामे ब दस्त्-ओ-पा
दस्तन ब गीर अज़ तू दया श्री शारिका देवी नमः14
(Man Arizuyam Be Navah, Uftadame Ba Dast-O-Paa
Dastan Bageer Az Tu Daya, Shri Sharika Devi Namah).

My mind is wandering in all the directions, I know not where my feet would take me and what actions my hands may make me to do. I am lost in the whirl pool of Samsara--this world. I seek your blessings, I long for your compassion.My obeisance be to you ,O Mother Sharika!14

ही इष्ट दीवी शारिका दास चोन छु भख्त "कृष्ण कार"
गोयम त्वता जोयम दया श्री शारिका देवी नमो नमः15
Hee Ishta Devi Sharika, Das Chon Chhu bhakt Krishan Kar
Goyam Tvataa, Joyam Daya, Shri Sharika Devi Namah.15

You are my Ishta Devi--the Devi of my clan. I am your servant,but I am your Devotee. I sing your praises, and make laudation, to pleaseyou for getting your Saksharkar.I need your infinite grace.My obeisance be to you ,O Mother Sharika!15

These Fifteen Shlokas are very mystic in nature and fully vibrant with the PANCHADASH AKSHARI BIJA MANTRA. The essence of the Kadi Vidya is found in these 15 shlokas.
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