Kashmir Poem with audio


Kashmir Poem
Arman Koul
The two men,
One clearly enjoying,
The finer things in life,
Highly regarded
By all of those who befriend him,
Those who do befriend him,
Now do reap the rewards,
As he does;
The second the other,
Seemingly pitiable,
To those around him,
He receives condolences,
From all who see the state of his misery,
He wears rags,
Casing his clothes,
Growing wider,
Each day,
Fuels his argument,
“I have been wronged”
Says he.
He claims a portion of the first man’s house,
Declares that once,
He had resided there.
The first man and him,
Had once shared the house,
Until he claimed all as his own,
Place to reside,
The second man fuming,
Denied, and so they fought,
The first man attacked the others mother,
Saying his own mother told him to,
But it was not true,
His mother’s sayings had been,
By a man,
Blinded by,
His arrogance,
Shielding his eyes,
From the inevitable truth,
The first man,
Blinded by his impudence,
Too powerful to tend to the needs,
Of the second man,
Both call themselves right,
Or at least too vain to admit,
That they are wrong.
As they argue,
They destroy,
What they seek to preserve,
They do the very thing that,
They are trying to prevent,
They are ruining Kashmir
*Arman Koul is a 13 years old, 7th grade student from Andover, MA. He enjoys reading, music and sports, not necessarily in that order.
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