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Given the fact that Shehjar is widely followed and read by many young Kps like me, i would like to request you that a section should be started where spoken kosur teaching can be imparted. Given the fact that there is not much written content available for some one who wants to learn or improve kosur , a step in this direction by you would be immensely helpful and help in preservation of the language.

I look forward to positive development of this front. My own experiences in trying to better my kosur is slow due to limited material available to read and also there is no proper direction for learning the language.

Akshay Ambardar
Cover of Shehjar is well defined entity of Kashmir Minature Art and KP culture, once traditionally profession of some families, now completely lost tradition. Good to see retracing roots.

Subash Chander Razdan
It is a very nice cover for Shehjar. Perhaps Goddess Sarasvati clothes reflects the how far we have moved away from our roots.
Rahul Dhar
I want to subscribe for the Shehjar Magazine. as a regular customer. Kindly tell me how to be aregular customer?
Sanjay Wakhlu
Entire displaced Kashmiri Pandit community is aghast at the dastardly attack on the acting school and residence of noted film actor Anupam Kher in Mumbai. In a specially convened joint emergency meeting of Panun Kashmir executive council and the eminent members of the displaced Kashmiri Pandit community in Jammu today, Panun Kashmir Convener, Dr. Agnishekhar termed the attack on the veteran act a sign of frustration and an action laden with cowardice.

Speaking on the occasion, various Panun Kashmir functionaries condemned the attack on Anupam Kher and termed it as an attempt to stifle the legitimate expression of a concerned Indian. The meeting expressed great shock at the failure of political masters, behind the dastardly action of the perpetrators of the attack, to gauge the popular mood of the common man in the country.

Panun Kashmir also advised the political class of the country to draw lessons from the immensely successful agitation launched by Anna Hazare and realize that in a democracy people’s voice will always reign supreme. It warned the political class that there arbitrary and self opinioned conclusions will no longer impress the common masses of the country.

The meeting expressed its full sympathy with the veteran actor, whom it termed as not only a community icon but a role model for the entire country. Recalling the number of occasions when the actor openly came out in support of the displaced Kashmiri Pandit community’s struggle in exile, Panun Kashmir declared that entire displaced community will rise in protest against any unjustified and cowardly acts of intimidation against the actor.

The meeting was also joined by a number of Panun Kashmir activists in the other parts of the country as well as USA, UK and New Zealand via teleconference. Later speaking to the actor on phone, Dr. Agnishekhar expressed Panun Kashmir’s total support to Anupam Kher in his fight against injustice and assured him of standing by him in his hour of need.

Vijay Kumar Malla
Permission to prosecute Chief Minister, Mr. Omar Abdullah and Prof. Saifuddin Soz.

Hon’ble Governor of J&K
Jammu (J&K)

This is a tragedy on the roadmap of growing Parliamentary democracy in our country that the Legislators are being purchased like potatoes from the political market for the benefit of the ruling parties.

Election for the six vacant seats of the J&K Legislative Council was held on 13th April, 2011 at Jammu. One notification was issued for filling three seats in the Council in the Valley of Kashmir. Two notifications were issued to hold election for three seats in the Legislative Council in Jammu region. Out of the three one seat was to be filled from the residents of Poonch District.

The Congress and NC together has a strength of 46 MLAs +2 women nominated MLAs. The total strength was 48. On the other hand PDP has a strength of 21 MLAs, BJP 11 whereas JKNPP has 3 MLAs. All the members were issued party whips by the respective leaders to vote for their respective party candidates.

It so happened that the Chief Minister using his money power and executive authority managed to buy the seven BJP MLAs who defied the party whip and voted for the Congress and NC candidates to ensure their victory in the election to the Legislative Council. Only four out of 11 BJP MLAs voted for their candidate, Mr. Ranjit Singh, Advocate. It has been made public by the BJP leaders themselves that four MLAs voted for the BJP candidate namely, Mr. Ashok Khajuria, MLA (Jammu), Mr. Jugal Kishore, MLA (Nagrota), Mr. Sukhnandan Singh, MLA (Marh) and Mr. Shyam Chaudhary, MLA (Suchetgarh). It has been publicly pronounced by BJP leaders that seven BJP MLAs voted against the party candidate. Four for voted for the Congress candidate whereas three of them voted NC candidate so that the winning candidates get 30 votes each. Mr. Omar Abdullah, the Chief Minister of J&K and PCC President Prof. Saifuddin Soz, MP managed money from Delhi which was carried to Jammu in Zen Car No. DL4CE1617 on the night of 12th April. Money was delivered at the behest of the Chief Minister and Mr. Soz to the 7 BJP MLAs namely, Prof. Chaman Lal Gupta, MLA (Jammu), Mr. Jagdish Spolia, MLA (Basohli), Mr. Durga Das, MLA (Hiranagar), Mr. Gharu Ram (SC), MLA, R.S. Pura, Mr. Baldev Sharma, MLA (Katra), Mr. Bodh Raj (SC), MLA (Damana) and Mr. Lal Chand, MLA (Bani). Enormous black money was delivered on behalf of the Chief Minister and PCC President in violation of the electoral laws and the laws on anti-corruption to the said BJP candidates.

In this shocking incident of ‘votes against cash’ where the ruling alliance managed to purchase a Council seat by bribing the MLA of BJP. This is a bonafide case of offering bribes to the public representatives thus causing threat to the basics and soul of the Parliamentary Democracy.

Only an appropriate prosecution can do justice to the electorates whose faith has been shaken in democracy and in their representatives, they had chosen to provide them justice. This is an offence committed by the bribe givers and the bribe takers. Only a fair judicial trial can bring the culprits to justice. Your Excellency is the custodian of the Constitution, it is urged that BJP Legislators named above may be disqualified as provided under the law.

Besides, it is, therefore, urged that the State Legal Aid Committee may be given permission to prosecute the abovementioned bonafide bribe givers, the perpetrators of law and democracy to bring them to justice who have shaken the roots of democracy and rule of law.

With heavy heart, I make this submission to Your Excellency.

Prof. Bhim Singh,
Chairman-NPP, New Delhi
I am part of a theatre group and we produce and perform plays on KP related subjects.

We are staging a play ‘Ateet ke Sakshi’ on 7th May at 6pm in Abhinav theatre Jammu. The theme of the play concerns the ‘neglect of temples and shrines in Kashmir’. I was searching for some pictures of dilapidated temples in Kashmir which we can print in our publicity material and that is how I came across shehjar. I want to seek your permission in using some of such pictures from your website. You can even mail me the other relevant ones. I would be grateful to you for the kind help.

Also request you to let all of your contacts in Jammu know about the play and request one and all to come and watch the same.

Rakesh Roshan Bhat

Wonderful However first I wondered where this Nadroo was from, as we have never seen these big nadroos in kashmir. I used to go all along to srinagar from anantnag to get nadur monjas near Ganpatyaar. Munh main paani aa Gaya.....
Sanjay Tikoo

Thank you Chandraji. I am sure that this recipe will help many more families other than ours to recreate the Kashmiri ambiance of Nadri Monja and Chai at home. Sincerely appreciate the efforts you put to make the dishes and Deepakji makes to eat them.:)))
Arun Koul

Thank you koshur saal. I always liked nadur monji but never new that we can make it at home so easily.You have made it real easy. I tried and it came out just perfect. Thank you again mam. swati.
Swati Nagar

This is 1 of my fav dish...........
Aruna Paras Madan

Love it
Areena Munshi

I love it whenever my Wife or Mother-In Law makes it...
Mohit Chopra

Mahra ya chai nador kina Aal, ma be chu wichmut first time yooth bod nador
ab habi chus vichan gudnach lati schoot ta woth nador
poiin travzas na zada, nat gasi poin huw
kasa mara mazi aawa, ma basow kashur gow machtie magar basan chim win chiv yaaz. got dish. Wahid Dar

We used to get nadir monje from muna halwai habba kadal.
Kewal Krishen Koul
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