by Juhi & Manik Kuchroo

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About the Book
The book entitled REFUGEE IN MY OWN COUNTRY is a work of fiction based on historical facts depicting the circumstances created by terrorists faced by the Hindu families who had to flee from their homes in the Kashmir valley, the land of their ancestors. Especially, this book is the journey of a girl and her family, and their resilience to survive, even as refugees in their own country - Bulbul Bhan and her family live a beautiful life in the valley of Kashmir until everything changes. Terrorism forces them to flee from the violence of their homeland. Arriving in the refugee camps of Jammu, India, the family must learn to live in poverty and cope with their loss.
About the Authors
The authors of the book belong to one such family. Juhi and Manik Kuchroo began writing this book when Manik was ten years old and Juhi was twelve. They have worked extensively for several years with refugee children in Jammu, raising funds and buying computers, books, water bottles and other school supplies for the school for refugee children. Juhi and Manik worked at the Govt. Mixed Higher Secondary School, Muthi Camp, Jammu. Moved by the plight of the migrant refugee families of Kashmir, they decided to write a book, which would depict the situation of these migrant families in camps in Jammu.

Although born and brought up in the USA, they have been regularly visiting India, in particular Jammu. They have never been able to visit Kashmir, the land of their ancestors. Juhi is currently a sophomore in Harvard College and Manik is a senior at the Buckingham Browne and Nichols School in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Juhi and Manik at the Muthi Camp school near Jammu
Book Release and Availability
The book was released in February, 2011 in Jammu by Nagari Literary Forum in collaboration with J&K Academy of Art, Culture and Languages. The proceeds from the sale of the book will go to support the refugee children from the valley.

Book will be available at:
a. email:, 617-965-1937, 617-852-8810

Cost is $ 10 and all the proceeds from the sale will go to support the refugee children.
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