'Ateet ke Sakshi' steers clear of xenophobia


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'Ateet ke Sakshi' steers clear of xenophobia on issue of Hindu Temples in Kashmir valley
Jammu (India) May 07, 2011

he motivation for the playwright Rakesh Roshan Bhat to pen this play was to put the current state of unfortunate Kashmiri Pandits in the right perspective. Everything about their plight is underplayed and ignored. The colossal tragedy of exodus of Kashmiri pandits has got reduced to a mere forgettable incident. Being aborigines of Kashmir – the place no longer belongs to them now. They have got uprooted and are scattered all over the world. Although they have managed to survive but have paid heavy price for the same – price dearer than anything else in the world, their identity and roots.

Their connect with Kashmir is fading with every passing day. Two decades have already passed. Very soon there may be no sign of their existence left in Kashmir. However, the Temples and Shrines in Kashmir are witness to their eternal connect with Kashmir. They are their “Ateet Ke Sakshi”. The Magnificent Martand, Grand Avantipura, Revered Khir Bawani, Wonderful Hari Parbat, Imposing Shankaracharya or scores of neighbourhood temples, each one bears testimony to the fact that Kashmir belongs to Kashmiri Pandits and Kashmiri Pandits belong to Kashmir! These Shrines and Temples not only need physical restoration but also care and affection which this play tries to rekindle in every heart.

Brief about Director
Rohit Bhat the director of the play has earlier directed very successful ‘Chopayer Yee Gaash’ and many other adapted plays in Kashmiri and Hindi. He has over 8 years of experience in TV and Theatre as an Actor, Director, Producer. He has formed a theatre group named ‘Vomedh’ in Jammu. Vomedh is very close to his heart and plans to bring to fore the issues concerning Kashmiri Pandits through theatrical presentations

About Actors
Vijay Goswami
– A Jammu based actor with around 15 years experience in Theater. Has won many awards at state and national level theatre festivals

Manoj Bhat- An established and well recognized Kashmiri pandit actor based in Jammu. Has won many awards at state and national level theatre festivals and featured in many TV serials

Danesh Dogra- A Jammu based actor with around 12 years experience in Theater. A passionate actor who can slip into any character with conviction and confidence

Sunny Mujoo- An upcoming young and versatile Kashmiri Pandit artist from Jammu. A quick learner and man of many talents

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