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Pt. Vijay Kumar Malla




Demise of our dearest Vijay Malla is indeed a great loss to the entire Kashmiri community. It is a personal loss to me as I have lost my younger brother. I remember when I first met him at his residence way back in 70s, when he was just a young boy and would be doing his riyaz for many hours. He learnt nuances of music from late Shri V P Dhar, who was my Guru too. His soft nature and sweet voice used to mesmerize a lot of music lovers. I too was his great fan, as his gayaki was full of emotions.

His demise has left a great void which can never be filled by anyone. I pray to God to grant peace to the departed soul and may God bestow strength to the bereaved family. It really is a great idea to have feature on Late Vijay Malla in Shehjar.

Rajinder Kachroo

It’s very unfortunate that we have lost an artist of a very high caliber, Vijay Mallah. He was one of my very dedicated disciples whom I saw growing with an amazing talent, hard work and urge to do new every time. He made a name for himself not only at regional level but on the national level as well and created a big fan following for himself. Technically, his style of rendering that got evolved these years is his identity which people will remember forever.

We are all with his family at this hour of grief and the irreparable loss.

Pandit Bhajan Sopori

I have been associated with Vijay Malla from 1970's. He has left a big void in the field of music and has left us shocked and saddened. It will be impossible to get anyone who can parallel his golden, touching and heart rendering voice. He had obtained excellance in classical, light, Ghajals and Bhajans. He also used to sing Dogri in addition to kashmiri and will be remembered as one of the greatest singers.

I had an opportunity to sing many songs with this great singer and can never forget the golden musical era with him in Kashmir. We pray to the Almighty for the peace of the departed soul and give strength to the bereaved family to bear this irreparable loss.

Kailash Mehra Sadhu

I was deeply saddened to hear about the untimely and sad demise of my colleague Vijay Malla ji .Vijay ji had a positive, faith filled outlook on life and towards other people. Although Vijay ji is no more, his melodious voice will always touch our hearts.



This is really unbelievable that destiny has snatched such a great talented KP artist. His golden voice will be missed by all his fans across the globe.

Heartfelt condolences to the bereaved family.

Sushma Kalla

Today was a tough day for me as it was for thousands of his fans, when I heard the sad news of Vijay Malla'sdemise. The harsh reality did not seem real and a profound sense of grief and immense desperation at the loss of not just a human being but a very precious one took over me. As I tried to take in the reality, a quick flashback of memories went by, of a golden era when I had the privilege of working with him on numerous occasions at recordings, concerts, and rehearsals. Like everyone else in the musical field, I too was mesmerized by his deep, luscious,expressive voice. The ease with which he sang the toughest of compositions, made other artists envious of him and wonder about the depth of his talent. Even though sometimes he came across as a non-serious co-artist, he shined at the actual performance and enthralled his audiences to great heights.

One such event comes to my mind when, at a prestigious concert for the great poet “Rasool Mir” in Tagore Hall Kashmir, Vijay and I were supposed to sing a duet “ Yaariloguth sang dil, chaini Januk

Me and Vijay at the same concert
chum kasam”. Just before our item Vijay took off somewhere and could not be found anywhere. The item was delayed a few times but there was no sign of Vijay. While everyone including me was frantic and trying to find him, he walked on to the stage, with a smile on his face and signaled the musicians to start the music and gestured me to come to the stage as if nothing had happened. As he started singing and I joined in, he left everyone spellbound with the brilliance of his singing and the crowd went mad with enjoyment and happiness!

A “mast malang” artist, who was oblivious of his great talent, produced some outstanding work during the70s and 80s and went on to show his versatility in singing Ghazal, geet, folk, bhajan etc. He created a name for himself not only in Kashmir but outside too. He was signed as an artiste of Music India Ltd (MIL) – a Polydoor Gramaphone Company, and has participated in Khazana 87 and 88. MIL has also launched his cassette titled Justaju (Search) which has received good commendation.

Vijay you will always live in our hearts. Rest in peace!,

Arti Tiku Kaul


Vijay Malla not being within us is unbeleivable. The tragic news made me numb and sad. i have grown up listening to his voice. He was a great inspiration not only to me but to other performers of the valley. I used to respect him as my senior who can never be replaced in the years to come. Whenever I used to meet him, he used to tell me " U are my younger sister ". I have therfore lost a loving brother and a great performer who had and will always inspire me as a singer.


Will always remember the concerts where we performed together.
God bless his soul.

Neerja Pandit



Vijay Malla's demise is a great loss to the valley where his voice can still be heard. Vijay can never die. He might not be with us physically but his presence will be always felt through his brilliant voice. I had lovely time with him when he was in Mumbai for quite some time. A faqir at heart who lived his life the way he wanted to live, had no inhibitions. Whenever we used to discuss something and if he didnt agree he used to just smile which used to give a signal that he is not liking it. A great soul and a great human being a great performer which the valley will not produce for many more decades.


We will miss u Vijay. May god give energy to his family to face this loss.

Ashoke Pandit
Fillmmaker & Social Activist

We have lost the ICON untimely means a lot to the artist fraternity. What do you think of loosing a person who is honest and caring for others. For friends he was the best friend, for well wishers he never hesitated even to sit on a dirty surface. He could go to any extent, for he was a pure soul.

We artist never expected any rewards from any agency be it from governmental side or from someone in private capacity. It was yet a momentous day for me and all the other artistes when BHAGWAAN GOPINATH TRUST, JAMMU honored us with their CENTENARY AWARD “ASHISH SAMMAN’ in Dec 1998. Vijay ji least cared for these awards and honors but he being an ardent devotee of Tathi Bab gave utmost respect to this particular honor.


Being a co-artist, we always keenly used to listen to him, his subtle musical nuances, HARKAT's that were naturally gifted to him and during late 70's and the entire 80's we used to be part of his presentations for being members of Radio Kashmir Chorus group.

He gave everything to the world of music, in particular to Kashmiri Music but everyone forgot him. But one thing is for sure, such towering persons never come and focus on awards and rewards, just keep on contributing their share and leave. Vijay Malla left everyone stunned; this is what this JEWEL of KASHMIR exactly did.
We are sure that his celestial voice will never be forgotten, will resonate in our hearts and the best tribute to this son of the soil will be to celebrate his divine journey to Lords lotus feet. We thus wish him VishnuBhawan!

ग़र मैं जानता कहदेता
तू ठहर मुझे मौका दे जानेका
ग़र इशारा मिला होतातो
छलता उस वख्त कोभी
छीना जिसने कश्मीर की आत्मा को .....!...

Dalip Langoo


In Vijay Malla’s passing away, KP community has lost one of the tallest singers of his times and the state Mohd Rafi of Kashmir. His immense singing talent is visible from the popularity he enjoyed across the board. His contribution to Kashmiri music will always remain deep in our memories. He inherited singing from his mother who herself had a melodious voice. He got attracted to singing by singing old movie songs.

I take this opportunity to reproduce some of his noticeable achievements of his illustrious singing carrier:-

1 He always stood first in cultural programmes sponsored by All India Radio and DoorDarshan Kendra Srinagar
2 Started formal learning of Music at the age of 10 years from Prem Sangeet Niketan
3 Learnt Classical Music from Pt Brij Kishen Shair and Ghazals from noted Pt Vishnu Puran Dhar
4 Later Ustad Rahat Ali Khan taught him Ghazal singing.
5 He was honoured by Academic Institute of Music and Fine Arts as playback singer of various Music operas in Hyderabad,Mysore,Chennai,Banglore,Tivandrum,Kanyakumari and Delhi.
6 He also sung on stage with veterans like Anwar, Penaz Masani, Manhar, Anup Jalota and Pankaj Udhas.
7 He participated in many stage items in Kalyan ji-Anand ji and Ravinder Jain nights in Mumbai.
8 He was signed by Music India Limited and participated in Khazana 87 and 88. Music India Limited also launched his cassette JUSTAJU which was well received by the people.
I pray to almighty, may his soul rest in eternal peace!

Dr Romesh Raina

Renowned Kashmiri singer Vijay Malla is no more. His sudden demise is not only a great loss to his family but whole Kashmiri Community.

Vijay Malla was diabetic - abruptly lost consciousness at about 1600 Hours ( IST) on Wednesday - was immediately shifted to Sarwal hospital, Jammu where he was declared "brought Dead" .... low sugar level perhaps caused the tragedy. In the last few years we attempted to have Vijay Malla perform at the KP Camp in California twice without success. Alas! IT WAS NOT TO BE.

Humse mat poocheye hum kidhar jayenge
Thak gayein hain bahot apne ghar jayenge.

Rajeev Sumbly

akh shradhanjali swargiya shri Vijay Malla sunzi smriti manz Shehjar khaturu----------दिव्य-ग्रह-----
आवाज़ गईन्यंग्लिथ
अनिगोट गव तू वुजमलीन्यू
गाशि समन्दरस मंज़ गाशुकिस तु
कोरुन दरवाजु बंद
आस नु खोश असिसुइत्य
सदियव प्येठ आरू रोस छु नाखुश ...
मोअन ज़ि असिति छि करान वैर यलि आसान छु बरुन
करान छि बेहिसी यलि आसान छु थावुन हेस
दिवान छि कण्डोल यलि आसान छु थावुन कण
अणि ,ज़री ,कल्यी,फातिर तुचारी
असि ति क्याह गोमुत...
वनि कति लबोन...सु छु ग्यवान यांद्राज़िनिस दरबारस मंज़
राथताम औस असी सुइत्य
असि आअस नु पतुहीय मगर ...
अकी दोहु वुछुम सब्जी हेवान यि दिव्य -ग्रह
मे वुछुमस थली-थली .....
त्रावुन राग ........
बू राछुरिथ थावु सु दर्शुन.....दुर्लभ
त्रिज़गत पालय......पंपोशी मालय त्रावय नाल्य................


Renowned Kashmiri singer Vijay Malla's death is a big loss to the music lovers of Kashmir. It is a loss to the entire Kashmiri Community beyond religiuos lines.We made several attempts to bring him here in the US to perform at the KP National Cultural Meets at the Big Bear and Lake Tahoe Camps in California but it was our bad luck that his visa was denied.

Video from one of his concerts in 2007


Amrit Nehru

Untimely demise of Sh. Vijay Malla has created a big void which is difficult to fill. The news of his sudden death has left his fans and admirers in a stage of shock. His demise is a great loss to the entire state of J&K. He had created a name for himself in the world of Kashmir music where he rose to become one of the prominent Gazal singers and started getting counted amongst the greats an achievement which very few can match. His passing away at a young age of 57 years has made the KP community lose one of its prominent faces.

I join my community in offering deepest condolences to his family and large number of fans and admirers. I pray to almighty may his soul rest in eternal peace.

Moti Kaul

I, perhaps, met Vijay Malla in 1996, in connection with Kongposh organization's project to bring him to U.S. to sing; a project that ultimately failed. In fact, Kongposh made three different attempts to bring him to U.S. but which all failed.

During my meeting with Malla Sahib he told me that he would rather be known as a ghazal singer than a Kashmiri singer. He told me that one time he wanted to be a film playback singer but failed to do that that because his voice was considered not suitable for that genre of singing. He spent eight years in Bombay working for All India Radio there.

He told me an interesting anecdote. Quite sometime back, perhaps in 70's or 80's, Mehdi Hassan visited Kashmir. A welcome reception was organized by J & K government. As a part of that, Malla Sahib sang some ghazals. Later, at the reception, Mehdi Hassan told him that he should not copy his style.

First I met Malla Sahib in a restaurnat, then he took me to his All India Radio, Jammu office, and then to his home. At his home he sang a little bit so that I couild photograph him in that action. I needed that photograph for the brouchere that I was going to make about his concert in U.S., which never took place.

He sang with easy melodiousness and had an authentic Pandit voice in leelas and bhajans. Today we mourn Vijay Malla, tomorrow we will miss him.

Maharaj Kaul

Thank you for the great memories. I fondly remember that performance (Tagore Hall Srinangar) as it was my first concert ever and listening to Vijay Ji was a treat. I couldn't imagine how many non-Kashmiris were there standing on the side of the hall listening and applauding.

Yes he was quite a character. He was a great entertainer and a great individual. He was quite childlike despite the fame he attained throughout India. I recall when he was just starting out at Radio Kashmir he used to come to our house frequently and we'd make him sing several songs before he could get his special 'rajmah chawal' from my mom's kitchen. He would eat till he got sick.

Another time when I was jokingly upset with him for not attending our wedding in Delhi, my wife and I returned to our Jammu home and suddenly he walked in with several 'hijdaas' and starting dancing wildly with them and threw a whole bunch of money on them. Then he ran away within minutes saying 'don't forget I made up for not being there'.

I have been amazed at his remarkable voice and the variations only he could master. I have several 'unofficial' recordings of his at his or our home and listen to them all the time and even with the background noise I can't tell you all how great (nostalgic) it makes me feel.
He has been an amazing gift to Kashmiris and is a legend!

Love to him and his family

Vijay Parimoo


Vijay Malla.....A humble tribute !

It was around 7 pm on Wednesday, May 9, 2012, that I learnt about the sudden and untimely passing away of Vijay Malla. Out of share disbelief and personal admiration for the distinguished artist, I sprang up from my seat. But, the sad news had been broken by electronic media, there was no point in verifying the ‘attal pazzar’.

Not only has the exiled Kashmiri Pandit community lost a great son, but the entire music fraternity of J&K state has lost a great icon as well. The time tested melodious voice of Vijay Malla, in various genres of singing /music, will continue to resonate in the hearts and minds of music lovers and the work left behind by the great singer will continue to inspire future generations, cutting across all religious barriers, in the years to come.

Besides, Malla’s soulful singing of many a popular Kashmiri bajans / leelas, including, among others, “aasai  sharan karatam dayaa, tathi-shree ganee-shaayay namah…” or “harmohka  bartal  praarai madano, yee  dapham tee laagayo…”, as and when played through available audio/video recordings, will continue to help uplift the spirits of devout among the community.

It is an irony that the genius of late Vijay Malla has got virtually unnoticed as far as receiving an appropriate official recognition of the veteran artist’s distinctive musical talent was concerned.

May the soul of departed "ghazal king" rest in peace! In prayers … 

(Ramesh Manvati, Sr. Activist , Panun Kashmir and Editor, PAANNYAAR )


May God rest his soul in peace. With due respect to departed soul I feel Vijay Malla Ji did't receive what as a community and society we should have offered to such a brilliant singer. Past is past and can not be turned back, we still have sizable artistes who can keep our culture and heritage alive but we are indifferent towards them and they are quite demoralized despite of their best talent and contribution to our society.bFor God sake let us wake up and do something from them, which in other words is to do something for ourselves to keep our tradition and music alive. Otherwise it will be too late. Zinda diyuv atlaas marith na kenh.

Virender Mattoo

Vijay Malla was a biggest asset for Kashmiri language and literature. He was young and had to do a lot for kashmiri language and literature but death spares none. He will difinitely remain alive in our hearts and minds. It is very difficult to express the pain. I have no words to explain the loss and to explain his contribution. Artist never dies but remains alive forever.

Sunita Kaul

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