Kashmiri Comedy Skit: Vasa Kakin Gasa Naav


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Kashmiri Comedy Skit: Vasa Kakin Gasa Naav

Kashmiri Comedy Skit: Vasa Kakin Gasa Naav, Na chen ta' Na myen


  • Rajeev Sumbly as Jaga Kak,
  • Kuldip Thusu as Pratha Vakil,
  • Pawan Raina as Raghunath,
  • Archana Raina as Veenaji,
  • Ajay Garyali as Hira Lal
  • Paviter Handoo as Prithvi Nath

Video: Deepak Ganju
Location: KP national Cultural Meet 2012, Oakhurst, CA (USA)

(All characters appearing in skit are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.)

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