It's snowing in Kashmir


It’s snowing

in your homeland.

The branches white

with their white leaves

the ground beneath

in the photos all white.

I was there once

in your homeland

It was the year of

Chillai Kalan and

I loved your people

Your poetic names for

Winters harsh

Warm hearts

beating next to the Kangris

inside the Pherans

that cover a lifetime

of stories.

I waited for Sheen

the word that melts

in the mouth in the ears

Your word for Snow.

While you grew up

with the Mountain

I grew up

with the River when

Snow was Russian Folk Tales

Hardbound from the Book-Fair

Poor Lucy Gray in the Ballads

Ebenezer Scrooge’s psychosis

in the Christmas Carol, it was

Ted Hughes and Pamuk.

But it was

never on my palm

or at the tip of my lashes

Always loved and never met

Me and Snow.

Will it be now

Will it be ever?

That moment when

nothing is remembered,

all is forgotten

the pain, the horror, the conflict?

Will there be enough white

to cover

every other colour?

Will I see you

Will I see Sheen

Will it be forever?