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"The Dynamos of progress"

Image & graphics by Deepak Ganju
Explanation of the poem :
The only analogy one can derive is a pondering of a tired KP over his fate, losing those whom he and his forefathers had trusted the most with their well being, having lost his motherland and trying to find out reasons for whatever that happened to him.
Looking with surmise
What do you want me to prove?
The barren breath you gifted me
What do you now expect me to do?

What happens is not a mystery,
nor too unfathomable to be understood;
Seeing the entire desolate life spread in front of me,
I feel as if left alone in dried woods.

The way the thoughts taking shape in your mind
I do wish to come near you;
to cajole you,to calm you,
to be with you,not only for now,
But to live forever with you.

But then I halt...
Ponder and think over...
Look at what you have given me,
After all these generations of togetherness.

And I stop the train of my thoughts
Because somehow it has struck me now,
Like the wind caught in the branch of a willow,
For you, I was never worth the Saffron and the snow white
Undeserving of the gray silent stones that surrounding me...

But now, wherever I go,
No matter where I will be
Far off from the green eyes of Vale,
Surrounding me will only be the grayish gloom

A remembrance of days past,
A vision of dreams lost,
A nightmare I relive everyday;
Living with ghosts of my paradise lost.

*Mrs. Jenal Dhar Raina, 24, works as a Software Engineer and is currently based in Dubai. She's been brought up in Baroda and holds a degree in Computer Engineering, from M.S University, Baroda. She's been writing poems since the age of 4.

She's won The Times Of India, Public Speaking Awards and also holds a Diploma in German. She enjoys spending time with her Family, Traveling & Visiting New Places and holds special interest in Linguistics and Reading.
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