KPCC to organize Kashmir Economic Summit


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KPCC to organize Kashmir Economic Summit
New Delhi, August 26, 2009
Kashyap Progressive Commerce and Commercial Foundation (KPCC) is holding an economic summit in New Delhi on 26th of September to bring together entrepreneurs, industrialists, executives in MNCs, scientists, and scholars to deliberate on the economic reconstruction of state of J&K.

KPCC is an Institution dedicated to serve the interests of displaced Kashmiri fraternity in Commerce, Industry and Professions in particular, and Economic development of the state of J&K and country in general. KPCC has been founded to encourage friendly interaction and harmonious relationship among Commercial men on all matters involving the common good and to promote and protect the general mercantile interests of the Kashmiri displaced Fraternity. KPCC will labor to improve entrepreneurial practice of fraternity and the civic life of the fraternity as a whole.

“Key speakers in four different sessions will touch upon the policies aimed at raising the economic profile of the state with emphasis on opportunity creation for the younger generations. The summit will be attended by state and central functionaries and will focus on the necessity to strengthen the partnership and to seek solutions for the future in which development, prosperity, opportunities and social security will play a central role.” Said Vikram Bhat

He further added that “KPCC has called for stronger economic engagement in the region to reduce the economic and social gaps as well as a reform-driven private-public partnership”

“The summit will focus to stress the state to use all their acquired experience to make state citizens realize that the organized civil society is the primordial tool for sustainable development and growth and stress the crucial role of education, specifically for young people who are the harbingers of the prosperous change and will propose new growth oriented education policies compiled by eminent researchers and scholars.”said King.C.Bharti, member KPCC.

KPCC believes that for lasting peace in the region would not be successful without another important track; the promotion of the living conditions of the entire population and the sustainable development of the State, added Rajiv Munshi,

“The summit will address the need for a strong, pluralistic and enriching contribution by the civil society for the greater cause of the state and will be an annual feature of KPCC.”

Prominent speakers in the summit will include Vikas Rambal of Perdaman Chemicals and Fertilizers Pty Ltd who is developing a second world scale fertilizers plant in Western Australia, Ravindra Zutshi, Deputy Managing Director, Samsung India Electronics Pvt. Ltd, Kapil Kaul, CAPA's CEO, Indian sub-continent & Middle East, winner of ''Young Achiever of the Year'' award at the 2008 South Asia Travel & Tourism Exchange (SATTE) besides others
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