KP Sabha appreciate Govt’s KP Welfare initiative


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Employment to 3000 educated KP Youth component of PM's Package
KP Sabha appreciate Govt’s KP Welfare initiative

Jammu (India) August 24, 2009

Report and Images by Raman Raina
he KP Sabha, Jammu has appreciated the initiatives taken by the State and Central Governments for amelioration of the conditions of Kashmiri Pandits living in the distress for the last over two decades. A.N. Sadhu, president of the Sabha, in a press release issued here today said that they have taken note of the provision of 15,000 jobs in the recently presented budget in the State Legislature as also of similar initiatives announced in the past including the Prime Minister’s package. The KP Sabha will be looking forward to sincere and prompt implementation of the employment plan and would hope that it does not go the way, PM’s package has gone so far. It will be appreciated that the state administration generates these employment opportunities immediately and adjust KP youth against these openings in an expedient manner without losing more time in official red-tapism. It is equally important that suitable previsions be made for relaxation of age to accommodate the persons who have not got any employment during the previous years and have been passing through a stressful period. The Sabha firmly believes that before it is too late, the administration must learn the art of translating their plans and packages into execution to reassure the needy Kashmiri Pandits that it is committed to back up their words by deeds on ground. Kashmiri Pandit Sabha, a 95 years old premier institution of Kashmiri Pandits would be willing to facilitate the immediate implementation of the employment package, in whatever way it is possible.

While the Sabha welcomes the announcement of employment package it also impresses upon the government to pass the Kashmiri Hindu Shrines bill at the earliest to check the encroachments on our religious places and properties. We also demand an efficient mechanism of administrating the grant of medical relief to the displaced persons for saving the precious lives.

Kashmiri Pandits are keenly looking forward to return to the places of their origin with dignity and in a secure environment.

The Sabha has great sympathy with the displaced persons of Mishriwala and Purkhoo camps who are sitting on Dharna for the last several days to protest against administrative apathy towards their concern.

Sabha also wants to make it clear that Kashmiri Pandits have never asked for anything on the basis of Tokenism. What they got was always on merits and the community has produced several outstanding persons who have made significant contribution to the growth and glory of the State.
Raman Raina is Shehjar's Chief Photo Journalist based in Jammi, India.
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