Photo Feature - KP Cultural Meet -2011

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HABBA_KADAL .....mion Garu' mion Vatan......Sabu'r kariov yem aztaanm, su Dill ti kho'd rah az gav, me no rood na panas, peath yekhtiyar valo.........tche ro's yihus ti wany neriya, tithui bahaar valo .....lovely gazal i was just listening while opening the pages of FB......lovely cover design.....there is proper message in it
Added By Subash Razdan
How do you produce such an outstanding magazine? I commend you, sir. Are you accepting any interns? I am available free of charge. Best wishes,
Added By Dr. Piyush C. Agrawal
We came from Habba Kadal to Yosemite and still trying to keep our culture alive.
Added By Ankit Monga
Amazing images. Must have been a spectacular event. Pictures speak of the program and it is wonderful to see KP's maintaining their culture heritage everywhere.
Added By Sanjay Sapru
Amazing??? I come from Habba-Kadal and attended 4th Annual KP Camp at Yosomite/California as First citizen of Habba-Kadal and California. It was a great KP Camp and hope that more KP's from Habba-Kadal attend it in future.Thanks Amrit Nehru Los-Angeles
Added By Amrit Nehru