KP National Camp Lake Tahoe Photo Feature

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Pictures are awesome. Must have been an exciting event. I wish I was there with my family. Congratulations to the organizers.
Added By Sanjay Dhar
congrulations to the organisers, must have been a great show.
Added By satish k Pandita
What a splendid show?
Added By Ashok Kaul
Very good job of compiling some very nice shots, including our very own "Uncle Sam".
Had to look for the Post comment option. It is on the top only and it would be better to have it on the top as well as the bottom. Anyway, GREAT PICS. Kashmiri UNCLE SAM is so authentic. This is the clarion call to all YOU guys taking it easy out there. Get it done NOW.
Added By Vijay Trisal
Camp pics are just excellent! Felt nice to see such a nice event and many new youths. Great job!
Added By Sugam Tiku
You guys Rock !! Seems like a very well executed marketing campaign right from the communication both pre and post event, invitation, format, content, choice of artist,venue, gathering ,special dignitary, media attention. Everything has been top notch.Keep it up. Kudos to the organizers. God Bless
Added By Mona Koul
Pictures in Photo Feature speak the true feelings of Lake Tahoe Camp.It was a matter of pride for all of us who participated in this wonderful event planned and organized in perfect manner. Congratulations to all who volunteered and made this event a memorable one.Looking forward for your next "Connection-To-Kashmir"
Added By Paviter Handoo
Brillant job done by you.JMO - I saw very few KP ladies wearing DEJHOOR “Mangal Sutra of Kashmiri Pandit Women”.We should encourage all KP ladies to wear DEJHOOR atleast in all functions or gatherings.I would like to quote a couple of lines in Kashmiri well said about the ornament. Dejhore gormaiy bejbrarey, Deki bade kuuri deke pooshnay. Meaning: Dejhore was made in Vijeshwara (a place in Kashmir). May the girl who wears it be blessed.
Added By Rohit Kachroo
You guys have done an amazing job. This is only your 2nd camp and it takes lot of efforts to pull out a perfect coordinated get together. Monaji has rightly pointed out that it was a well executed marketing campaign right from the communication both pre and post event. No other camp has ever received such a wide publicity. Congrats!!!
Added By Sumant Kachroo
great pix...congrats...missed a good one..
Added By Subash Razdan