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Brigadier Rattan Kaul was commissioned in 4/5 Gorkha Rifles {Frontier Force}, where he served for nearly 25 years. As a young Captain, he took part in 1965 War against Pakistan with his unit. In Nagaland he, in a raid, accompanied by only few of his men, apprehended Chief Secretary to then Underground Self Styled President of Nagaland {NSCN}, from his hideout. During Bangladesh War 1971, as an assault Rifle Company Commander he led his company in a Khukri assault on a Company of 31 Punjab Pakistan Army at Atgram {Sylhet District- East Pakistan; now Bangladesh}.

In first ever heliborne operation of Indian Army, conducted by 4/5 Gorkha Rifles {Frontier Force} on 7 December 1971 Brigadier Kaul, then a major, was forward rifle company commander and was seriously injured in the Battle of Sylhet. In 1974 he was amongst top ten officers to be selected for Staff College, for a year long professional course at Wellington. Apart from foreign assignment Brigadier Rattan Kaul commanded an infantry brigade in  Punjab, during militancy and was awarded COAS Commendation for his exceptional work in Khem Karan Sector. In 1997 he stepped into Industry and served as Vice President, Birla’s.

An HRD, Management and Defence Analyst he has many books on military history and plethora of articles on History, Defence Concepts and Kashmir Centric papers to his credit. He was the one to bring, for the first time in more than 70 years, latest photograph of more than 1000 years old Sharda Temple in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir and share it with Goddess Sharda’s worshippers in India. His Kashmir centric articles are available on the net including latest article, a path breaking one, on ERA ABBERATIONS BY KALHAN IN RAJATARANGINI. For the first time since 1149 AD someone has analysed the dates of Kings Chronology of the Rajatarangini critically and found aberrations in Kalhan’s book.

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