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Krishan Kaul originally hails from Rainawari, Srinagar, Kashmir. After obtaining his Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering in India, he moved to the United Kingdom where he obtained his Masters degree with distinction securing the top mark.

Krishan Kaul retired as Technical Director and a Specialist Expert within the Hyder Group, a multi-disciplinary firm of consulting engineers in the UK. During his 40-year professional career in the design and construction of major civil engineering structures, including a number of years on site, he acquired a wealth of experience and built up a pool of expertise in the Civil/Structural/Geotechnical engineering fields. His experience is broad based that also includes the design and construction of luxury Apartment Blocks, Bridges and Heavy Foundations. However, his specialist expertise is available, in particular, in the following:

  • Design & Construction of Major Underground (Cut & Cover) Structures, e.g.:
    • * Metro Stations, Running Tunnels & related structures;
    • * Road Tunnels, Underpasses & Box Culverts;
    • * Multilevel Car Parks & Deep Basements;
    • * Pumping Stations & Sea Outfall Works;
    • * Vortex, Access & Ventilation Shafts;
    • * Caissons & Cellular Structures.
  • Design & Construction of Major:
    • * Foreshore Gravity & Composite Structures;
    • * Complex Underpinning Works;
    • * Earth Retaining Structures;
    • * Heavy Foundations.
  • Design & Construction of Major Float & Sink Structures
    Krishan Kaul has been a Guest Lecturer at a number of professional and academic institutions and government departments, worldwide, on the following topics:
    • * Philosophy of Design & Construction of Cut & Cover Structures;
    • * Float & Sink Structures.

As an Expert in the Cut and Cover field, Krishan Kaul has been frequently invited to give specialist advice on aspects of design and construction of major underground structures around the world including UK, Hong Kong, Iraq, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Iran, Portugal, Vietnam and Taiwan. He was also invited as an Advisor by the Land Transportation Authority (LTA) of Singapore in 2000 and 2001 to give specialist advice on the design and construction of some of the most complex and challenging metro station structures.


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