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Dr Satish Ganjoo was born on May 1, 1956, to Shree Omkarnath Ganjoo and Smt Sheela Ganjoo in the Saffron Valley of Kashmir. He obtained the coveted academic degrees of M.Phil (1983) and Ph.D (1987) in Modern History and International Relations from the University of Kashmir. He held the distinguished faculty position in Govt. Degree College, Baramulla (Kashmir), Centre for Advance Study in Education and Technology, Srinagar (Kmr), CASET Post Graduate Evening College, Srinagar (Kmr) and the Centre of Central. Asian Studies, University of Kashmir. Now he is working as Head, Post Graduate Dept. of History, Ramgarhia College Phagwra (Pb), with the additional charge of the Dept. of Computer Sciences and Information Technology.

Dr. Ganjoo developed the excellent potential for research and published a number of books on diverse topics of history, politics, international relations and Islamic studies. His widely acknowledged books include :

    1. Afghanistan’s Struggle for Resurgence
    2. Soviet Afghan Relations
    3. Kashmir Politics
    4. Muslim Freedom Fighters of India (in 3 vols)*
    5. Economics System in Islam*
    6. Glimpses of Islamic World*
    7. Prophet Muhammad*
    8. Wailing Shadows in Kashmir (Anmol Publications, New Delhi)
    9. Dictionary of History

Besides Dr. Ganjoo was involved in different interdisciplinary research projects, participated in several seminars and wrote about sixteen research papers. His name was recommended for the Soviet Land Nehru Award (1991) and received a number of decorations from prestigious NGOs --- Rashtriya Gaurav Award (2004), Best Citizen of India Award (2005), Vijay Shree Award (2005).

Dr. Ganjoo evinced interest in active politics when he was still a student. This brought him to prominence so as to become an energetic student leader. In 1986, he was elected the Convener of the Students’ Federation of India (Kashmir Province) and in 1988 he became the founder- member of the Friends of Soviet Central Asia, University of Kashmir. He is also the member of the Arts & Social Sciences Faculty, Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar, and the life –member of the Kashmir Education Culture and Science Society.

Dr Satish Ganjoo is the one and only Kashmiri Pandit who has suffered the pain & agony of migration, but worked exclusively on Islamic Studies with all devotion and dedication.

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